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In case of an out-of-hours emergency, please call one of the following numbers:

Which describes your situation:

The entire tooth has fallen out

The tooth is partially chipped

The tooth was struck, but there is no obvious damage

The entire tooth has fallen out

For deciduous teeth: Do not replace the tooth, contact the dentist, and report the injury to the accident insurer.

For permanent teeth: Under no circumstances should the tooth be allowed to dry out, do not touch the root surface, do not disinfect the tooth, do not rinse with water. The tooth should be replaced within 30 minutes. If the tooth is no longer visible, it has either been dislodged back into the bone, or it has fallen out.

Locate the tooth, and contact a dentist at once

If the tooth is not visibly dirty, place it in the wound, in its original position, by applying light pressure and gently rotating

Because the person is often in a state of shock, replacing the tooth, as described, can be painless. If the tooth is dirty, you must preserve it at once, as follows, and in the stated order of priority:

1. Physiological saline solution (available from a pharmacy or ‘Dentosafe box')
2. Milk
3. Plastic bag


If none of the above-mentioned items are available within ten minutes, place the tooth in the fold of the patient's mouth (between cheek and teeth). If the injured child is unable to do so, place it in the fold of another person's mouth (e.g. a parent). Caution: Doing so presents a risk of disease transmission.

The tooth is chipped

Locate the parts of the chipped tooth, place in milk or tap water. Contact the dentist. In most cases, tooth fragments can be re-glued.

The tooth was struck, but there is no obvious damage
Contact a dentist to report the injury to the accident insurer. Following injury, the tooth could have a root fracture, or lose its vitality years after the injury. Often insurance companies will provide cover, only if the accident has been confirmed and registered by a dentist.

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