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Dental hygiene | Preventative dentistry

Dental hygiene and preventative dentistry are the cornerstones of our treatments. Thanks to professional preventative care and after-care, teeth and gums stay healthy. As part of your dental healthcare programme, we recommend regular tooth cleaning, carried out by our certified dental hygienists and dental assistants, to prevent dental diseases, such as tooth decay and periodontitis. Our specialists work with you to identify appropriate steps to keep your teeth and interdental spaces clean and healthy.

Regular check-ups

Early detection of dental complications and maintenance of your overall dental health are critical to us. For that reason, we offer patients a free call-back service to simplify the scheduling of check-ups. We send reminders of your check-ups at intervals that meet your dental requirements.


Fluorides are minerals obtained from the element fluorine. They are absorbed into the enamel, harden it, and increase its resistance to acids, which are caused by caries bacteria. Fluorides can reverse or halt the development of dental caries in the early stages of their development. However, our intake of fluoride from naturally occurring sources is insufficient. To compensate for deficiencies, we recommend that patients supplement their intake to prevent caries.

Mucosal control | Tooth recession

In most cases, diseases of the oral mucosa are not dangerous. Nevertheless, any alteration in oral mucosa should be evaluated to determine whether treatment is needed or not. One reason being, oral mucosal disorders are often symptomless, and therefore may go undetected. Additionally, many skin and general diseases become evident through changes in the oral mucosa, thereby increasing the importance of routine assessment of the mucosa.

Degeneration of oral mucosal cells can also occur, although it is uncommon. When we detect malignant changes at an early stage, it allows us to take prompt action to pre-empt more severe damage. Surgical procedures on the mucosal membrane can correct the progression of the membrane. This may be necessary for aesthetic or functional reasons, in cases of recession coverage, for example.

The quality of the mucous membrane can also be changed for reasons of resilience. So, it is possible to transform a mobile mucosa into a firmly grown one, and a thin mucous membrane type into a thicker biotype.

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