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School dental services

At our practice, we look after school dental services. We are available, on request, to carry out annual dental check-ups on your child.


Key to paediatric dentistry are preventative dentistry, nutritional advice, and prompt identification of malocclusions (imperfect positioning of the teeth). The prevention of caries in deciduous (primary) teeth is essential to establishing lifelong healthy teeth. Amongst other things, deciduous teeth reserve space for a child’s permanent teeth, when they erupt, and can prevent the occurrence of a malocclusion. Therefore, children and their parents should learn to clean primary teeth, and first permanent teeth, from an early age.

Fissure sealants

In the anatomy of small and large molars, the chewing surface has small furrows and dimples. Unfortunately, these uneven surfaces provide bacteria with an ideal breeding ground. Consequently, caries in children occurs most often on the occlusal surface of the permanent molars. However, we can permanently prevent the development of caries by using so-called fissure sealants.

Treatment under anaesthesia

Negative experiences in dental care can lead to anxiety, sometimes requiring treatment to be carried out under general anaesthetic. In young children, for example, we see the consequences of trauma, which result from dental treatment without anaesthesia. Our practice gives patients extra support by employing an external team of experienced specialists, who care for and monitor patients during anaesthesia. Substantial interventions may necessitate a short hospital stay to facilitate postoperative monitoring and to provide individualized and more targeted follow-up care.

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