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Removable or fixed, invisible braces

Orthodontics deals with the detection and treatment of congenital, or acquired, dental and jaw deformities.


A beautiful, healthy smile makes an impression that lasts. When a person’s chewing function works correctly, it helps to prevent problems, and to maintain healthy teeth over a lifetime – an important fact that is often overlooked.


The goal of an orthodontic treatment is to obtain a tooth and jaw occlusion that works harmoniously. We achieve this by using diverse types of braces, either removable aligners or fixed braces.

In adolescent patients, a malposition of the jaw is treated with clasps, based on the need to guide, or inhibit jaw growth. For this reason, we recommend that you introduce your child between the ages of 6–8 years to our practice’s orthodontic specialist for a no-obligation consultation. Once jaw growth has concluded, an anomaly in the positioning of the jaw can only be resolved by surgical means. Simple tooth corrections are independent of jaw growth, and can be successfully performed at any age.


An orthodontic treatment may take place over a period of several years, is costly, requires collaboration with the patient, and a great deal of patience. Moreover, good oral hygiene is especially important over the period of an orthodontic treatment, and is particularly difficult to achieve while wearing fixed braces.

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